Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Review // My experience!

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Ghouls live among us, the same as normal people in every way – except their craving for human flesh. Shy Ken Kaneki is thrilled to go on a date with the beautiful Rize. But it turns out that she’s only interested in his body – eating it, that is. 

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Manga Notebook (Etsy)

So, I opened up a shop on Etsy! Since I’m going off to college soon and, I’ll want to save up. I wanted to make crafts I like to made and sell them as a side job ^^. If your interested in anything you see, check out my Etsy shop! 
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 Bucket List  (≧▼≦;)

I always wrote notes in a notebook on things I wanted to do, so I decided why not make a big list and see how it goes? 

(will be updated so often)

1. Get a passport (Done!)

2. Post more videos on YouTube 

3.  Publish a book 

4. Become a translator 

5. Travel (Anywhere)

6. Learn how to draw (more decent)

7. Open a Etsy shop (completed !)

Publishing A Book

I have been thinking about it recently about, writing more chapters for a book I have. I currently have ten so far and I actually want to publish it on the kindle and, even get a paperback for it. 

Korean Skincare – Mishibox 2016

Check out September’s box on my Youtube ❤

Updates + Book

Okay, so I know I have not post alot but, I am still active on other things. Yea xD I’ll start updating more on here. I also been finishing goals I wanted to complete this year, so thats a yay. Well till I post, see ya next time~

T-Shirt Sell Launch!

Hi lovelys 😀 I created a shirt to start off my club, anyone so far can be a part of it and or support it, hopefully soon I can add more information on it, thank you guys.

Creating a Club Called “Dream Club”

I am deciding to create a non-profit organization, a “Club” for people that have a goal and or things they want to create, so I deciding to make this official and invite people around me to be in it, it would be great if at least one person joins, we can be able to make T-shirts and make fundraising plans to travel, if your interested people talk to me!



🎀 Dresslink


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